Two weeks on…

I think this will be one of the last posts on this blog relative to this surgery. I’m meant to see my physician again in about a month so I may post after that appointment. 

Since my last post my condition has improved dramatically. I can now go to the toilet without being in pain. I still feel stinging from time to time – I assume that’s the healing not entirely done. 

It took until just two days short of two weeks for things to normalize. I can now run well again but I’m weary of forcing myself too much in the gym. I’m still taking fibogel from time to time and I will probably continue that, especially if I slack and don’t eat enough fiber. 

The piles / hemorrhoids seems to have gone; the don’t prolapse any longer and I’m only left with the stinging feeing and a ‘flap’ from where the stinging originates. I guess I’ll find out when I see my physician how successfull the procedure was. 

Am I happy I got the procedure done? Yes. Did I underestimate the healing process? Massively. 

I hope my blow by blow posts have helped someone. I would have liked better insight before I embarked on this journey. 

Two weeks on…

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