Good night followed by stinging period

I had a good night and got up at 5:30am as I needed to pass water; I needed to pee.

I got to the bathroom, sat down and it was clear that I needed more than peeing. It was difficult and accompanied by a stinging feeling. Not sure what is causing it, but being it is now three days since the procedure, I am hoping that it may be the hemorrhoids starting to fall off. I am not sure though. I take comfort in my state changing – thinking ‘no pain no gain’ but who knows.

The stinging was crazy and I was unable to have bowel movement, when it happened it was a low quantity and the stinging got worse. I went to the toilet three times for bowel movement over the next four hours and that’s after trying laxatives, having a double espresso, some prune juice and a full glass of Fybogel – trust me; I REALLY needed the toilet. The stinging has now somewhat subsided after I placed heat on my backside and also just rested in bed – I even managed to snooze a bit, which helped.

I feel better now and is actually about to go for a run. Last time I went running was Wednesday morning before the procedure – its now Saturday and I feel I am ready. Let’s see I might regret it. I don’t think so.

Good night followed by stinging period

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