I thought it would be useful to give a little background to my case, allowing you to better understand the hemorrhoid procedure/surgery I went through and why.

I’m a 41 white European man living in the UK. I’m originally from Scandinavia but I’ve been living in the US and UK for most of my life. I’m looking after my body, I eat well, I exercise or lift weights every day (the nurse asked me yesterday if I was an athlete), I’m a nonsmoker and I don’t drink excessively. My weight is 78kg (172lbs / 12 stone) and I’m 192cm (6.3 foot).

I’ve suffered from internal hemorrhoids for about ten years and consulted my doctor regularly, he would give me creams, which would alleviate the condition but not resolve it. About a month ago I discussed with my doctor again and was referred to a specialist.

I met with the specialist, he examined me and booked me to come back for a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. The Flexible Sigmoidoscopy was not great – it was painful but only for 20 minutes. And, agh – it included getting an enema – not nice!

The specialist consultant suggested banding my hemorrhoids and removing two rectal fibroepithelial pylons – I had the surgery yesterday.


One thought on “Background

  1. Dorrie Barnes says:

    After 1 1/2 yrs since your last post, you probably won’t see this but I want to thank you for your clear, detailed descriptions of what the pain was like after the surgery, as I will be considering it soon.


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